The Pulltap Story

Who makes it and where is it made?

Our company has been a part of the beverage industry for more than 30 years. We have supplied many different products to our customers including wine accessories. In recent years I have come to think of the products as more than plastic, metal, digital expertise, transportation and graphics, etc. I have come to think of them as a reflection of where they were made and who made them. In this post I would like to take in depth look at one of these products.

Pulltap’s Products

One product we supply to our customers are Pulltap’s® Corkscrews. Pulltap’s corkscrews are a classic in the wine industry and for good reason. They are made of quality materials and have an innovative design. Pulltap’s products are made to the stringent quality standards of ISO. And as waiters the world over have learned Pulltap’s corkscrews allow you to extract a cork while you are standing table side with one hand on the neck of the bottle and the other hand operating the corkscrew. There is no need to steady the bottle on a table. What is more the unique double leaver design makes the cork removal a smooth and effortless process.

Pulltap’s offers several styles and finishes of the Pulltap’s corkscrews. The underling body is a one piece zinc alloy molded handle. The corkscrew handle can be finished in many different colors and metallic finishes and can even have inlaid hardwood.
Included with the Pulltap’s corkscrews are a non-stick spiral worm, a knife blade, and a bottle opener. A recent addition has been a sliding knife blade which allows the knife to be deployed with only one had.

The Company

One thing that distinguishes Pulltap’s corkscrews is that they are made in Spain. At a time when it seems as though almost everything is made in China it is refreshing to supply products to our customers that are from an alternative location. Pulltap’s corkscrews are made by the PULLTAP’S , S.L® company which is located in the city of Sabadell Spain. Sabadell is in the Catalonian province of Barcelona and is very near the City of Barcelona. The Pulltap’s company was founded in 1996 and was the result of the collaboration of the inventor Ramon Brucart and the TADE industrial metallic company of Sabadell.

Sabadell Spain

The city of Sabadell dates from Roman times but under other names including Arraona and Arrahona. In the 16th century textiles began to be made in Sabadell. Over time this textile industry became focused on woolen clothing. At the turn of the 20th century Sabadell became the premier producer of woolen clothing in Spain which found international recognition. Also Sabadell was a center for the manufacture of metals. And Pulltap’s corkscrews had their origin in this metal industry.

These industries have left historical reminders of their activities in the city. More than 40 industrial chimneys were left behind long after the mills associated with them were demolished. Interestingly the chimneys have been preserved and most are protected as historical monuments to the city’s past.
Today Sabadell is a modern city of more than 200,000 residents. It has associated itself with a program which helps cities become more environmentally sustainable. It enjoys being a center of tourist interest and it has an active sporting program including football, handball, water polo and even basketball teams playing in the Spanish Basketball League.

So, the next time you use a Pulltap’s corkscrew you might think of Sabadell and people who crafted it.

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